‘Yoga And Breath Essentials Retreat’ at Mandali Center, Italy June 11-17 2017

Dear Friends,
I have some wonderful news: I can offer you a discount of 150 euros for my ‘Yoga and Breath essentials’ retreat next month. It will take place at Mandali Retreat Center from June 11 – 17 in Italy, near Milan.
I love teaching retreats since there is more time to connect – with yourself, each other and nature. Being away for a few days from your daily distractions, will give you the opportunity to re-connect and feel what matters to you. You return home with different tools to reduce stress in your daily life and feel more energized.
The retreat is hosted in a beautiful, luxurious  center with three mind and body movement practices a day which incorporate yoga, breath work, guided visualization and simple meditation. Working with your well-being includes plenty of laughter and fun too.
I hope you can join me. Let me know if you have any questions.
Love, Jasmijn.


Retreat yourself

Take yourself on a journey inward

Allowing yourself to go on a retreat is an investment in yourself. It literally is, but as Jasmijn Koelink writes in an article for Happinez (in Dutch), it’s worth it!

“After a retreat, you feel happier and more free. You will feel connected to yourself, in touch with others and more amazed by your surroundings. The stillness and different perception of time calms your mind and makes space for inspiration and creativity. I often sleep better and longer, feel less stressed and more vital at the end of the week. A break, even for just a week, can be very powerful.”  

From June 11th until June 17th, Jasmijn hosts a retreat at the Mandali Retreat Center, a peaceful retreat centre, established on a mountaintop, overseeing Lago d’Orta in Italy (just ~ 60 minutes from Milan). It is an open space dedicated to spiritual practice and personal transformation. It’s the optimal environment to exchange and receive teachings, wisdom and guidance.

Jasmijn will take you on a journey inward. Her gentle, soulful and knowledgeable approach to yoga will make your retreat an unforgettable experience. You will work with the breath. Learning to breathe deeper and more aware has numerous benefits for both physical and emotional well-being.

Experience the power of your breath and feel completely relaxed and filled with new energy after this special ‘Yoga and Breath Essentials’ retreat.

€150 discount: from € 995 to € 845



From June 11th until June 17th

Each day consist of an energetic vinyasa flow and a restorative afternoon yin session. The combination of accessible Yin & Yang Yoga and breath-work will teach you how to recognize stress in your body and how to reduce it. You’ll receive practical tools to intervene before stress takes over. The tools you will be learning are directly applicable in your daily life, easy and necessary.

See the daily schedule.

What will you get out of this retreat?

Feel completely relaxed and filled with new energy

Learn to recognize stress in your body

Tools to reduce stress in daily life

Six key instructions that -once mastered- will keep you safe in about 80% of all yoga postures

Feeling ready for a new purposeful time of your life

About Jasmijn

Trained in social and organizational psychology, Jasmijn was thrilled to discover yoga at age 25. A few years later she completed the vinyasa ashtanga yoga teacher training (300+ hrs). She has been teaching yoga ever since: vinyasa flow, yin yoga, yin flow and slow flow. Her teaching style, both in intensive vinyasa and yin yoga, is inspired by yoga teacher Max Strom, who centers yoga practice around the breath.

Knowing that every human and body is unique, Jasmijn will make sure you will get the most out of this relaxing and invigorating week.

How the get there?

Mandali is set 850 meters above sea level, overlooking lago d’ Orta in Italy, the site faces southeast, enjoying the morning sun rising over the Mottarone mountain range across the lake. 
The classic feng shui dream of enjoying the inspiration of the sun, lake, and valley in front of you, whilst being supported and protected by the buildings, trees, and gardens behind is a functioning reality at Mandali. If you decide to go off of the retreat center to feel into the local villages and cuisine, there is much to take in and to taste. You will feel inspired!

You easily fly to Malpensa International Airport (MXP) and from there you get a transfer to Mandali, which will only take about 60 minutes. And good to know: the flights are only €110 if you book today!

€150 friends discount: from € 995 to € 845 for a full week