I have had the privilege over several years of knowing, training, and now being assisted by Jasmijn in my trainings. She is a highly intelligent and inspired teacher. She has what I call depth perception, and is a gifted communicator. Jasmijn is dedicated to teaching breath-initiated movement to a wide range of students of all shapes, sizes, and internal states of mind – thereby making yoga accessible to all.

Max Strom

Jasmijn Koelink

Yoga connects me with my physical capabilities and limitations. In doing that, it helps me relate to my own being with confidence and gentleness. Additionally, I notice that the way I handle my body mirrors how I act mentally and emotionally in life. This is what makes yoga a full life practice for me. It fascinates and inspires me -and I like to share that inspiration with others.

I have been a certified yoga teacher since 2011. I teach weekly lessons at Yoga Moves in Utrecht and Delight Yoga in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, plus I offer workshops and private sessions. I strive to keep my classes accessible, with plenty of room for individual attention and an emphatic attention to breathing.

My interest in yoga is ever expanding. I am fortunate to be able to assist and work with some of my teachers, including Max Strom. I work together with writer Geertje Couwenbergh, combining yoga with writing practice. I’m currently studying specific therapeutic forms of yoga.

Jasmijn never misses a beat. She sees what is needed before it is needed, she is reliable, kind, organized and thoughtful. I am able to fully relax with Jasmijn, trusting that she is thinking of details so that I don’t have to.

Jill Satterfield

Jasmijn is a warm personality, who brings yoga with true attention, deep knowledge and modest passion.

Sandra v. B.

Jasmijn is authentiek, rustig, duidelijk in haar uitleg. Ze is geduldig, open, respectvol, liefdevol en heeft kennis over wat ze doet en zegt.


Yoga styles

Yoga provides self-knowledge. It is a practice of being honest to yourself; no matter how rigid or flexible, limited or unlimited your physical capabilities appear to be. I attempt to keep my lessons as accessible as possible for each level, age and body type. One of the most important ways I do that is by offering different options within each yoga posture. In addition, I strive to have individual attention for people who take my classes or workshops. In this way we can work together on injuries and other challenges.

My teaching style is characterized by an emphasis on the breath. Various breathing techniques can intensify every yoga practice. Learning to breathe deeper and more aware has numerous benefits for both physical and emotional well-being. My intention is to send you off into the world after each class feeling charged and relaxed. I offer different yoga styles. Although they overlap, they still have their own advantages and characteristics.

Jasmijn works with